Dillo Day is an annual all-day music festival and a Northwestern tradition since 1972. Today it is the largest student-run music festival in the nation, organized by Mayfest Productions, a Northwestern student group.

Mayfest spends the entire academic year preparing for Dillo Day. The extensive planning required to create a music festival of this magnitude includes meeting with the highest members of Northwestern University administration (including President Morton Schapiro), the office of Off-Campus Life, local and University law enforcement, members of the Evanston municipal government, production vendors, and more. Mayfest’s goal is to provide a music festival that is fun and safe, along with providing an opportunity to strengthen ties between the student body and Evanston community in a day of mutual enjoyment.

Dillo Day will be held on June 1, 2019, and the festival is indeed open to members of the Evanston community! Registration, wristband costs, and distribution details can be found in the "Information" section of this website. We look forward to seeing members of the Evanston community on the Lakefront Dillo Day 2019.

Fall Quarter:

Winter Quarter:

Spring Quarter:

Note: All ride-share pickups will be at the Garrett Evangelical Parking Lot on the day of the festival.