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Mayfest Productions is a student organization at Northwestern University that plans and produces the nation's largest student-run music festival — Dillo Day, with over 12,000 festival attendees. In addition to the festival, Mayfest hosts and promotes a number of other programming events including Battle of the Bands and Battle of the DJs.

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Meet Mayfest

The organization is comprised of 10 committees, each with its own core responsibilities and cross-committee collaborations that translate directly to the success of our events.

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Relive Past Dillos

Take a trip into the past with these old Dillo Day lineups.

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Terms and Conditions

Dillo Day strives to create the safest and most comfortable environment for all attendees. As such, we are providing a set of guidelines and community standards in order to ensure we meet this goal together. To have the best Dillo Day experience for the students, guests, artists, staff members, and Mayfest members, we have outlined the following expectations. If the following expectations are not met, we reserve the right to remove individuals from the festival without a refund:

All attendees are required to adhere to the University community standards guidelines found in the Student Handbook.

In order to protect the whole community during Dillo Day, there will be a security presence at the festival. Upon entry, there will be an airport-style check-in with security checking individuals and bags before admittance onto the festival grounds. There will be metal detection. For more information on our bag policy and what items are allowed and prohibited, check the corresponding section. If specific accommodations are needed, please submit an Medical Equipment Accommodation Request and we will try to accommodate your needs.

We at Mayfest understand the complicated relationship between security and our attendees. As a major event with significant security concerns, a security presence is a necessity. However, we actively work to ensure that this security presence does not take away from anyone's experience at the festival and that everyone is as comfortable and safe as possible within the festival. For full transparency, at the festival, there will be uniformed NUPD officers and uniformed private security personnel. Mayfest will also have our Student Intervention Service (SIS) out on the Lakefill. SIS is focused on mitigating any problems revolving around security and the attendees. By providing a student buffer, we strive to cut down on tensions and make the festival the best it can be. For more information surrounding SIS, feel free to submit a Student Intervention Services Information Request.







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